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About the Giving Plate

The Original "Pass-it-on Plate" idea began back in 1992 while doing a craft in my daughter's pre-school class. Initially it was going to be a plate that would be passed around with signatures on the back to show where it had been. As the years passed, I would look at the plate and know I needed to start this company, but raising my children kept me busy.

In August of 2000, I gave birth to my fourth child who had special needs. In those early months with many doctor visits and hospital stays, we were generously given dinners several times a week from thoughtful friends and some people we didn't even know. Again I thought about the "Pass-it-on plate." What a wonderful plate this would be to share, especially when sharing food or leftovers with a neighbor. Again - life was full of responsibilities and this idea was put off till later.

With the birth of my fourth child came many changes in our own life, prayer gave me strength, hope and has brought many blessings and healings to our family.

Now I feel called to begin this plate company. I believe our nation is in desperate need of prayer. Constant prayer! Praying for each other endlessly! With that I've decided to begin what I hope will grow to an enormous spirit of prayer throughout our country, and in time, crossing the seas.

I invite you to join with us and start a plate of your own. As a baby starts slowly, so will we. As a child has dreams so do I in adding several plate patterns. Please check back with us from time to time for our new plate styles and added prayers.

You can start your own giving plate for any occasion. Have several on hand. Once purchased, they continue giving a pattern of endless prayer for everyone who receives it. All you need to do is add your own special touch. Food, a gently used item or something extra special. Use your imagination!

Once you have received a plate, go to the web-site, enter the plate number and give your name, city and state and a prayer request or comment if you wish. Then pass the plate on with your own special gift of love and sharing. There will be a list of unique ideas to help you. This Giving and Prayer plate is continuous as long as the plate keeps moving. Be sure to Pass-it-on.

May you feel the blessings of the Holy Spirit as you Pray for others,


The original Giving Plate

Click here to see how the plates can be tracked and you can add your information.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about the Giving Plate



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